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Teen Suicide




As a teacher, I find statistics like this heartbreaking.  Discovering who you are in your teenage years was difficult for many of us, aside from being mocked, ridiculed, teased or bullied.  How is it that children are being bullied to the point where they take their life?

I absolutely agree with Rick Mercer in his argument that kids need role models who are out publically.  There seems to be a diluted “acceptance” of homosexuals under the idea of “homosexuality doesn’t bother me, as long as I don’t have to see it”.  Is that really a form of acceptance?  How many people hide their sexual preference knowing that it is not acceptable in society? What is that telling others who are gay?  Every human being should have the basic right to be themselves whether at home, at the grocery store, or at school. 

Rick Mercer rightfully states that there should be an ‘old fashioned’ intervention by assembly.  Yes, there should be grief counseling, but what about prevention on a larger scale?  Every year, there are drug and alcohol prevention classes and meetings provided to students, but what about anti-bullying, racism, homophobia and sexism preventions?  I think these ideas slowly work their way into class projects and discussions, but not on the large scale that needs to be done. Yes, these ideas are in the curriculum, but do students really grasp the idea if they don’t see it past the school walls? What obligations does the community have to reinforce the values we are trying to teach in our classrooms?   

I have a no bullying policy in my classroom.  Making fun of someone’s sexual preference, race, or sex is absolutely not permitted.  How can we translate these values to a no bullying policy for ourselves and others?  Imagine if we did.


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